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Friday, 18 June 2010

Detox Pamper Day – the perfect treat to cleanse your system

Sometimes we all feel as though we could do with having our system cleansed from the inside out, perhaps a little too much partying or a period of over indulgence which makes you feel a little sluggish, and a detox pamper day is a great way to flush out your system and allow your body to get back to its natural balance.
A detox pamper day is also a perfect idea if you are feeling stressed and could use a chance to have all your cares soothed away and give your body a chance to rid itself of toxins – with the various pressures of daily life it can sometimes feel like you barely have a chance to eat a proper meal, let alone properly cleanse your system of all the pollutants to which you are exposed on a regular basis.
You will be hard pressed to find a more relaxing treat than a detox pamper day, where all the treatments are designed to suit you and tailored to your specific needs in order to maximise the benefits you can expect. A detox pamper day includes three different pampering procedures and use of the facilities at the health club, so you can forget all your worries for a day and enjoy some ‘you’ time. You will have a dermalogica facial which will be personalised to your skin type to ensure that your skin receives the maximum benefits of the process. The detox pamper day also includes an enzymatic sea mud treatment which will detoxify, exfoliate and nourish your whole body, leaving you feeling completely cleansed, buffed and feeling fresh and revitalised. Then you’ll have a full body massage which can be concentrated on any areas that you choose and will be the perfect way to soothe your cares away and completely relax you.
So if you know someone who could do with a chance for some pampering and a chance to spend some time away from all the sources of stress in their lives, then a detox pamper day is the perfect gift. Perhaps you’re looking for a gift for someone who has a big day coming up, perhaps a birthday party or a wedding, where they will want to look and feel their best, in which case a detox pamper treat could be just the thing to prepare for any special occasion.

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