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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Design your own perfume – give a great smelling gift

It can be hard to find the perfect perfume in the shops, with so many to choose from after a while they all smell the same and even when you do find one you like, the chances are that you will smell it on someone else at some point and wish that you had something a little more individual. That is now within reach with a Design your own Perfume experience, a day of delicious aromas and a chance to learn the art of blending perfumes.
You may have spent hours as a child crushing petals and trying to create a perfume which smelled like the flowers you put into them, but even if you never tried that for yourself, it won’t matter. A Design your own Perfume experience is a chance to learn how fragrances combine with one another and react with your own body chemistry so that you will understand how each particular fragrance will smell over the course of the day.
With eighteen blends to sample, a Design your own Perfume experience will give you a chance to smell each one and see how they combine with one another. You’ll discover how different fragrances evoke different moods and certain smells seem to suit different times of the day and night – amber for example makes most people relax and feel calm whilst jasmine has a heady smell which goes straight to your head.
With so many different combinations to choose from, you are sure to pick something unique and completely original on your Design your own Perfume experience, and when you receive compliments, as you inevitably will, you’ll be able to say it’s a blend designed specifically for you – who needs Chanel No. 5 when you can design your own scent and name it after yourself? You can also choose an atomiser from our range, whether you want something stylish to sit on your dresser or something a little sleeker to fit handily into your purse of handbag, everything about your individual scent is made to suit you and your lifestyle.
So if you know someone who likes to be original and uniquely individual then a Design your own Perfume experience is a great gift idea. If you are trying to find an unusual birthday present, anniversary present with a difference or just something to show someone you care, then a Design your own Perfume experience is the perfect present.

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