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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Champney’s Health Spa Day – indulgent relaxation

If there is a name which is associated with relaxation and pampering, Champney’s have certainly established as reputation for being the place to get away from it all and enjoy beautiful surroundings and a day packed with treatments which will leave you looking and feeling incredible.
The first Champney’s health spa was set up in 1970 as a slimming club and its success lead to the foundation of a chain of over seventy health clubs, all owned and run as a family business. With the focus moving away from pure slimming towards pampering and providing a place where people can get away from the stresses and strains of daily life and enjoy an array of treatments, all of which are specially designed to leave you feeling completely refreshed and revitalised.
A Champney’s health spa day includes a full body massage, designed to leave you feeling as though you have had all your cares soothed away by experts in the art of relieving tension and soothing away any aches and pains. You will also have a facial which will leave you feeling like a new person, with your skin completely rejuvenated and looking and feeling better than ever before. Next, you will have a manicure and pedicure to leave your hands and feet feeling nourished, moisturised and spectacular – what better way to make sure the effects of your day of indulgence leaves you looking and feeling fabulous from top to toe?
It doesn’t stop at the treatments you will have – a Champney’s health spa day also includes the chance to use the facilities for as long as you want, as well as an exercise and relaxation programme which is perfect for anyone who wants to kick start a health and fitness regime, or just want to enjoy a day of total body beautification a Champney’s health spa day is a great idea.
So if you are looking for a gift for someone who could use a chance to get away from everything and enjoy some serious pampering, then a Champney’s health spa day is a perfect present. Perhaps you have a special even coming up and you want to ensure that you are looking and feeling your best for the big day – a day at a Champney’s health spa is definitely a great way to make sure you are at your best for any special occasion.

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