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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Aston and Ferrari Experience – two great cars in one day

Any petrol head will tell you that there are certain cars which really get their hearts racing and the chance to drive two such cars in one day is definitely the kind of experience that makes a great gift. An Aston Martin and Ferrari experience is definitely a chance to enjoy the finest in automobile engineering and the opportunity to compare two different but equally highly sought after cars is one that is sure to appeal to anyone who likes their vehicles fast and classy.
Founded in 1913, Aston Martin has had nearly one hundred years to perfect the designs of their amazing cars and despite selling their equipment to aid the war effort, changes in management and ownership and amazing advances in technology, the company has always maintained their commitment to the elegant design and classic British engineering which has made the name of Aston Martin famous. With a history in popular culture as the car of James Bond, there has never been any doubt that Aston Martin produces cars which capture the imagination of everyone who sees them and even without secret service modifications, they ooze style and élan. An Aston Martin and Ferrari driving experience is an opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of these amazing cars and try out your best Bond impression.
A Ferrari, on the other hand, is designed with speed first and foremost in mind, although smooth lines and a sleek silhouette have always gone hand in hand with the power beneath the bonnet. With a focus on motorsport and Formula One racing, Ferrari have produced cars which can travel at truly mind boggling speeds and has a wealth of awards and titles to their name which are testament to the incredible feats of speed and engineering that Ferrari have achieved. Driving a Ferrari is an amazing experience and one which will definitely give you a rush and an Aston Martin and Ferrari experience is a great way to enjoy both cars in one day.
If you know someone who would love to drive either of these cars, then the chance to drive both is definitely going to blow their mind – an Aston Martin and Ferrari driving experience makes a perfect present for a petrol head, whether it’s a birthday gift, an anniversary present or a treat for any other special occasion.

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