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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Adrenaline Choice Gift – the perfect white knuckle gift idea

If you know someone who enjoys the feeling of their heart racing and their knuckles whitening, then a gift experience which offers them a chance to try something exciting is a great gift idea. But unless you have followed all their high octane exploits, it can be hard to judge what kind of adrenaline gift experience someone would enjoy – some people who would think nothing of flinging themselves down a hill in a huge plastic ball wouldn’t even consider bungee jumping, so an Adrenaline Choice gift is a perfect idea because it means that they can choose which hair raising activity they do from a list of thirty.
The Adrenaline Choice pack offers a wide range of great gift ideas to suit any adventurer whatever they enjoy the most, and it’s also a great opportunity to try something new. Perhaps you know someone who’s really into cars, always wanting to go faster, obsessed with the bhp and engine size of every vehicle they come across, in which case they might really love a chance to try off roading, where speed is not the key but you still need nerves of steel to take on the tougher challenges. Or perhaps you know a water baby who would love to try white water rafting for the first time, a surfer who would enjoy the opportunity to try wakeboarding or even just an adventurous spirit who would relish the opportunity to get behind the controls of a hovercraft.
Whatever their passion, an Adrenaline Choice gift is ideal for someone who is spontaneous and enjoys a challenge, particularly if you are trying to find a present for someone who might not even know themselves which of the thirty fantastic experiences they might like to try – they don’t have to decide until the mood hits them and then all they need to do is let us know which one they want to book and we will make all the arrangements for them to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Plus every single one of our activities are health and safety checked, so there’s no need to worry that they will be in good hands – we make sure that the only thing to worry about is whether they will have the nerve to go through with it on the day.
So whatever the occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or perhaps you’re still in the market for a father’s day gift, an Adrenaline Choice gift is a great idea for any excitement junky, and one that completely lets you off the hook if you aren’t sure which thrilling activity is next on their list.

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