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Friday, 21 May 2010

Ferrari and single seater – double fun driving day

When it comes to petrol heads, the chance to drive two different cars in one day has to be one of the ultimate fantasies – something about being able to compare the sounds of two different engines and the handling of two different vehicles has an appeal all of its own. Our Ferrari and Single Seater driving experience is a fantastic chance to compare two super speedy cars in one incredible driving experience.
The Ferrari and Single Seater driving experience starts with a safety briefing to ensure that you are confident and safe when you get behind the wheel and a session on driving techniques so that even if you have never tried track driving before, you will know how to handle the speed and high performance. You will also have a session with an instructor who will give you some demonstration laps to familiarise you with the circuit and give you an idea of the racing lines.
The next part of the Ferrari and Single Seater track day is taking to the track in a race prepared Formula Ford single seater car – it is an incredible feeling to be encased in a cockpit just large enough for your body with the air whistling past you as you drive around the track. Being behind the wheel of a vehicle designed purely to maximise the speed at which you can travel using the power of downforce pushing the car down onto the road is an exhilarating experience.
Then it’s on to the Ferrari and a chance to enjoy all the sleek, stylish engineering that has always been associated with these incredible cars. Depending on the location you choose for your Ferrari and Single Seater driving day, you will drive either a Ferrari 355 or a Ferrari 360 and have a chance to marvel at the precision that goes into creating a car that turns heads and is capable of incredible speeds.
The Ferrari and Single Seater experience is a great gift idea for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion – any car enthusiast will love the opportunity to take on the challenge of two amazing cars in one day.

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