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Monday, 3 May 2010

Take a trip back in time on a steam train

There’s nothing like the sound and smell of a steam train, and any enthusiast will tell you that the average speed of steam trains when they were in their heyday was a lot faster than today. Considering that the technology that powers these trains has been in use in the United Kingdom since the start of the 19th century, the incredible engineering of a steam locomotive is something which will enthral and delight anyone who enjoys a steam train experience and may well inspire a life long affection for steam travel.
A steam train experience is a perfect way to enjoy the sights of the countryside and the sounds of the tracks being eaten up beneath you – you can choose from some of the most beautiful scenery in the country travelling on historic lines, many of which have been restored to preserve their unique heritage.
Since the first steam train journey in South Wales, there have been many incarnations of the steam train including George Stevenson’s famous Rocket which lead to his success as a builder of steam trains which were used on the railways of the United States and much of Europe as well as throughout the United Kingdom. A steam train experience is a chance to relive the glory years of steam transport.
A steam train experience also offers the chance to see how much work it takes to keep a locomotive moving. At one time the crew would have comprised just two people – the driver who controls the speed and the fireman whose job it was to fuel the fire and maintain the steam pressure to ensure the smooth running of the train. It’s hard to believe that one person would have been able to shovel the amount of coal needed to move an entire train, and you will see just how much work goes in to making sure that everyone gets to their destination.
So why not try a steam train experience? It’s a romantic way to spend the day as a couple on a steam train experience for two where you can enjoy a nostalgic trip on one of the country’s historic steam train lines. Or you can go on a family steam train experience where everyone can learn something about how steam can power huge vehicles and the way that the UK used to get about. Whichever you choose, a steam train experience is a great gift idea, family treat or romantic excursion.

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