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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Supercars – super fun

For a car nut, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of driving a supercar – there’s the speed, the sound of the engine and the knowledge that you’re controlling a piece of precision engineering usually only reserved for people who are super rich. That thrill is doubled when you get the chance to drive not one, but two supercars in one incredible session, meaning that anyone given a chance to drive ten incredible machines in one day would be in seventh heaven for weeks, months and maybe even years to come.
Our supreme supercar challenge is exactly that – a driving experience where you get to drive ten amazing cars over the course of a day, pushing yourself to the limit and allowing you the chance to compare ten of the most sought after cars in the world. If you are at all interested in cars, then the list may just blow your mind: the Lamborghini Gallardo, the ‘baby’ of the Lamborghini family; the much adored Murcielago; the Lamborghini LP640, the fastest Lamborghini made to date; an array of Ferraris, from the 430 through the super fast 599 and including the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, the limited production track day model; the Aston Martin DBS, the most powerful Aston Martin ever made; the Audi R8, the supercar which has become almost a household name; the new car on the block, the Ariel Atom which has taken the driving world by storm with no body panels and an incredible turn of speed; and finally the Subaru WRX, a car which was made for speed.
Any one of those cars is enough to put a huge grin on anybody’s face, so the effect of driving all ten of them is one that has to be experienced to be believed and the supreme supercar challenge is the perfect opportunity. There’s a chance to pick up some track tips from an instructor before trying them out, then a few laps in each car, all topped off with a high speed passenger ride in a performance car driven by a professional which is a white knuckle driving experience of a lifetime.
It is hard to even begin to imagine the thrill of driving so many incredible machines, and for anyone who would love to get behind the wheel of any of these vehicles, the supreme supercar driving challenge is really a dream come true, making it an incredible present for a speed fanatic. If you have a special anniversary, a big birthday or maybe even a retirement present to shop for, then the supreme supercar challenge is a fantastic gift idea which is sure to be received with delight by any supercar fan.

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