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Monday, 17 May 2010

Scuba diving – an underwater world of discovery

We all know that a third of the surface of the world is covered in water, but what does that really mean to most of us? If you have never tried scuba diving, then you are missing out on all the wonders that lurk beneath the sea as well as a sport which is great fun, particularly on holidays when you can explore the local flora and fauna from a completely new perspective, and a scuba diving experience is the perfect way to learn how to do it.

Breathing underwater may seem pretty counterintuitive at first – common wisdom tells you it is impossible and the feeling is like nothing you experience on land. But with our trained instructors, a discover scuba diving experience will teach you not only how to get used to the feeling of breathing through your self contained underwater breathing apparatus (in case you didn’t know what scuba stands for) but how to enjoy the unique feeling of weightlessly floating through the water and appreciate your surroundings once you get down there.

Like all Activity Superstore experiences, our scuba diving activities are all health and safety checked, so you know you’ll be getting the very best instruction in conditions which are stringently checked to ensure that you can relax and enjoy learning a new skill without having to worry about your safety. Part of the scuba diving experience is learning how to be sure that you are safe underwater, so you will learn all you need to about clearing water from your mask and what to do if you have any difficulties, so you can rest assured that you will never had to worry when you are diving.

If you’re planning to go on holiday to somewhere exotic where you know there will be an underwater extravaganza, maybe even a chance to explore a coral reef or swim with the kind of fish we never see on the shores of the UK, then a scuba diving experience will give you a great start and prepare you for the thrill of finding out what lies beneath the sea. Maybe you know someone who has a trip planned and you want to make it extra special, in which case a scuba diving experience is a great way to give them a treat which will not only make their holiday one to remember, but could be the start of a lifetime’s hobby. Whatever the occasion discovering scuba diving is a truly incredible experience and a perfect gift for any underwater adventurer.

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