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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Paintballing – great fun for everyone

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to chase a group of people around the woods wielding a gun loaded with paintballs, then look no further. A paintballing experience offers a day of just such fun - you might find that your competitive spirit is awakened by the chance to play soldiers and whether you’re playing with friends or just out for yourself there is nothing quite like the satisfying feeling of landing a shot right on target.
A paintballing experience can also be a very revealing activity which uncovers something about your psyche that you might not have known yourself. Some people play the strategic game, hunkering down in a well covered spot, biding their time until an unsuspecting enemy comes past and then enjoying the look of surprise and annoyance on their face as you blast them with a barrage of paintball fire and thwart their attempts to capture your territory and return to their team victorious. But then there are those who play the bold game, striding through enemy territory with their weapon permanently at the ready and firing at anything that moves in an attempt to fend of interlopers and lead their team to victory, relying on a band of like minded adventurers to cover your back. Whatever your technique, a paintballing experience will use your powers of leadership, endurance and courage, not to mention marksmanship.
Everything you’ll need will be provided on your paintball experience as even the most hardened soldier doesn’t necessarily want to mess up their own clothes with the battle scars that you get when you spend the day being shot with paint, so you will have combat overalls as well as a mask, combat battlepack and ambush hood. There are also uniformed marshals to ensure that things don’t get too hairy on the battlefield – there are limits to how realistic a combat situation should be and we want to make sure that no man gets left behind, whether it’s because they need a hand with their gun, or have their clothing snagged on a insurgent bush, so you will always be able to find a friendly face even in enemy territory.
Our paintballing experiences make great gifts for anyone who likes to have a good time, and paintballing is a great idea for stag and hen parties, birthday treats or any occasion when you want to cut loose and act like a big kid.

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