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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Live the spy life in an Aston Martin

Few cars inspire the kind of longing that you get when you look at an Aston Martin. It’s not just a desire to have the car, but the Aston Martin’s association with James Bond means that just the name of the car evokes the image of the lifestyle of a high class spy, jetting around the world, enjoying fine food and expensive Champagne and generally living a life that most people only dream of. But driving an Aston Martin is very much within reach, and once you’ve experienced the luxury of the interior, the smoothness of the acceleration and the sheer pleasure of getting behind the wheel of one of these incredible machines, it makes all that other stuff seem unimportant.
An Aston Martin thrill is the perfect opportunity to drive one of these iconic cars and have the opportunity to enjoy the classic styling without having to foot the bills associated with owning such a car – a perfect compromise for any right thinking Bond wannabe who wants the fun of the ride without the responsibilities of ownership (or all the spy stuff, which does look pretty dangerous). Your Aston Martin thrill also includes the chance to learn all you need to know about the circuit from professional drivers as well as a safety briefing, so you should be able to get the most out of this amazing car. However it is worth noting that you will not be receiving any gadgetry from ‘Q’, so don’t expect to find a button to activate a smoke screen or release an oil slick onto the track.
All in all, an Aston Martin driving gift is a perfect present for anyone who has the suave sophistication of Bond but whose day job doesn’t run to driving an Aston Martin V8 Vantage or a DB9. It’s definitely the kind of gift that will make anyone feel as though they could carry off a life of mystery and intrigue even if it’s only for one day, and an Aston Martin thrill is certainly the drive of a lifetime for anyone who wants to release their inner refinement in real style.

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