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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Kite boarding – fun, sea and sand

Although it’s considered a relatively recent addition to the world of surfing, kite boarding could be said to originate from a technique used which was first used to propel carts and ships in the 1800s, when wind power was considered a rather efficient alternative to horsepower and much cheaper at a time when a ‘horse tax’ was levied. In 1903, Samuel Cody managed to cross the Channel in a boat powered by a kite, making it a sport with a long and illustrious history.
In the 70s, modern day kite boarding began to emerge, with the development of more reliable materials for making the kites and lines, and by the 90s kite boarding was taking off in Hawaii, where the first kite boarding competition was held in 1998.
Today, the equipment used for kite boarding has been refined to the point where even a beginner can make headway in learning how to keep upright on the water and a kite boarding experience is the best way to learn the skills you will need to make sure that when you get out on the water you have the all the moves you need to enjoy the surf.
All our kite boarding schools have been thoroughly health and safety checked, so you’ll have all the safety gear you need and the confidence that your instructor will show you how to keep yourself, and others, safe whilst having amazing fun at the same time. You can be sure that the tips and tricks you learn on a kite boarding experience will be enough to give you a real taste of the sport and unlike normal boarding, you don’t have to wait for the perfect wave – all you need is a gust of wind and you can launch yourself into an amazing experience.
So if you fancy a chance to have a go at the sport that’s taking beaches across the world by storm, a kite boarding experience is a great way to learn the ropes from a trained instructor so that when you take your skills to the beach, you’ll be ready. Perhaps you know a budding water sports star, who wants to learn how to kite board, so you want to make sure that they’re in safe hands – a junior kite boarding experience with one of our health and safety checked surf schools makes a great gift idea for kids.
In fact, a kite boarding experience is a great gift idea for anyone who likes to take on the challenge of the elements, whether you’re trying to find a birthday present, or a special treat for any special occasion.

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