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Monday, 24 May 2010

Indoor skydiving – fun without fear

If you are trying to find a present for someone with a sense of adventure then an indoor skydiving experience is a great gift idea. It combines all the fun of flinging yourself out of an airplane and hurtling towards the earth with all the force of gravity behind you, but without any of the terror that comes with having watched one too many cartoons featuring an anvil in place of a parachute. Even if you aren’t concerned about pulling your cord only to find that you’ve been given a piano by mistake, an indoor skydiving experience is still a great starting point for anyone who wants to try skydiving by working up to it gradually.
The technology of indoor skydiving is deceptively simple – it’s basically a huge wind tunnel where the flow of air goes directly upwards with such force that it will support your body weight and give you the feeling of floating in ‘freefall’ position. However, wind tunnels like the one you’ll be in are used for incredibly high tech work such as testing the aerodynamic capabilities of Formula 1 cars, and is even used by experienced skydivers to practice new moves and enable them to keep their hand in when the weather conditions don’t allow for the real thing.
An indoor skydiving experience is a perfect present for anyone who enjoys trying new activities and he feeling of an adrenalin rush – it’s an exciting, white knuckle ride, but also a perfect present for anyone who is scared of heights. All of our activities are health and safety checked, so you never need to worry, but something about not plummeting to earth makes this feel just that little bit less terrifying, and when you’re giving a gift to your child or grandchild that can be an important factor in what you choose, so indoor skydiving has the perfect balance between thrilling and reassuring for any concerned parent.
You’ll even get a DVD to take home as a lasting memento of your ‘flight’, making an indoor skydiving gift experience not only an exciting way to spend a day, but a chance to show your friends and family what you look like when your face is trying to wrap itself round the back of your head in the face of the oncoming wind – what could be more perfect?

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