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Friday, 14 May 2010

Fire engine fun for everyone

As children, most of us will have experienced some degree of excitement when seeing a fire engine driving by – something about the lights, sirens and huge coiled hoses holds a fascination for most kids, and for some that fascination never wears off. If you know someone who falls into that category, then a fire engine driving experience could be the perfect present for a birthday, anniversary or just as a chance to have some fun.
A fire engine is a fascinating machine – a heavy duty vehicle with accessories to match and a fire engine driving experience is much more than just a chance to get behind the wheel. You’ll have a chance to learn the ropes from real, experiences fire instructors and fire fighters who will show you how the hoses work and give you tips on how to control them whilst blasting water at a fire. A fire engine driving experience incorporates many elements which are used in genuine fire fighter training, so when you get the chance to put out a fire in a building or vehicle, you’re really getting the full fire fighter experience.
Then there’s the actual fire engine driving, and you might be surprised at just how big a fire engine is once you’re up close and trying to climb up into the driver’s seat. You’ll have a chance to se what it’s like behind the wheel of a life saving behemoth, and because we know what’s important, you will of course get the chance to try driving a fire engine with the blue lights on around a purpose built course which includes all the obstacles you can expect on a normal road. You will also be driving the fire engine, either a Dennis or a Scania for those who know the difference, complete with all the fire fighting kit with which it would normally be equipped, including 2 tonnes of water which will be invaluable when you come to putting out the fire.
So if you know someone who is a fan of fire engines, or just a big kid who would love a chance to get behind the wheel of a huge life saving machine, then a fire engine driving experience is a fantastic gift idea for any occasion.

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