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Monday, 10 May 2010

A driving experience like no other

Imagine driving along a perfectly normal road and suddenly passing a moving sofa, or sitting at the wheel wishing you were in bed, only to have one pull up alongside you. Well, if that sounds familiar, then either you have a vivid imagination or perhaps you have been lucky enough to catch sight of one of the incredible road worthy modified vehicles which are featured in our World’s Wackiest Racers experience.
You might have seen them on television; the fleet of incredible vehicles includes a leopard print sofa which can reach speeds of up to 87 mph, making it the classiest, of not the most relaxing, sofa around. The mobile bed comes complete with sheets and a duvet, so if you feel so inclined you can tuck yourself up whilst being chauffeured around in a vehicle that many of us have dreamed about on a Monday morning when the alarm goes off. For those who have trouble staying focussed at the other end of the day, you may have found yourself thinking about driving your desk right out of the office and heading home without the boring details of packing up your stuff and walking to your car – the mobile desk is complete with computer, conference table and a water cooler in case you manage to work up a thirst.
Our world’s wackiest racers experience is a chance to have a go on all of these incredible machines (car seems such a limited term when describing moving furniture) – you’ll be kitted out in racing gear and driven around on the open road so you can enjoy the incredulous glances of your fellow motorists, and around a track so that you can experience the full speed of these weird and wonderful vehicles. Your world’s wackiest racers driving experience also includes a chance to pit your wits against a double decker car, which is a feat in itself where the driver in the top car controls the steering and the one in the bottom car has the pedals, but since neither can see the other, it’s a test of driving skill and a chance to see whether your intuition can lead you both in the same direction.
So whether you know someone who would love to try all these amazing vehicles who would love to be given the world’s wackiest racers experience as a gift, or you fancy trying it yourself and amazing your friends with the tales of how you hit the road in a selection of furniture which would look more at home in your living room, a world’s wackiest racers experience is a once in a lifetime thrill.

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