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Friday, 7 May 2010

Capture your most precious moments

There’s nothing more exciting than the build up to the birth of a child – whether or not you’ve done it before, it’s still something you never get used to and every time is different. The pregnancy glow is not just a myth, no matter how it might feel at the time, and there’s something special about the weeks when the knowledge of the baby’s imminent arrival is all you can think about.
This is the time when our bump to baby photoshoot can really capture something incredible. The experience begins with a makeover for the expectant mother, as we know that despite the romantic view of pregnancy, it can be a time when you feel a little overwhelmed by the changes your body is making, but that will all change with a little pampering. Your bump to baby experience will start with a creative consultation with a professional who will give you an insight into the best way to make the most of your new figure.
A little makeup to maximise your natural beauty and a chance to enjoy the pampering feeling of having your hair done, and you will be ready for the ‘bump’ part of the bump to baby photoshoot experience, a chance to enjoy the attention of a professional photographer who will capture the special moment before the addition of a new member of your family with a photograph you can cherish forever.
Once your new baby has entered the world, you can return to the studio for another chance to be pampered, which will no doubt be welcome after the rigours of caring for a new baby, and an opportunity to capture another special moment in your family’s journey. The bump to baby makeover and photography experience is a great chance to compare yourself before and after the birth to see how you have changed, and of course to mark the bigger changes that come along with bringing a new life into the world.
Our bump to baby makeover experience is a great gift for anyone expecting a child, whether it’s their first and a journey into the unknown, or an addition to a growing family, the chance to relax and enjoy some pampering is always a fantastic treat and a record of the before and after moments of the new arrival is something to be cherished. Perhaps you are the expectant father looking for a treat for the mum to be in which case a bump to baby makeover experience is the perfect present.

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