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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wine Tasting Experiences – learn while you drink

Everyone knows someone who really knows about wine, and whilst it’s never cool to bore your friends and family with too much information about the vintage, grape variety and terroir, knowing how to pick an appropriate wine to go with a great meal or choosing a bottle as a gift is a genuinely valuable skill. But the world of wine enthusiasts can seem confusingly elitist, and it’s hard to tell whether the advice you get from ‘experts’ is just an attempt to persuade you to buy the most expensive bottle.

Which is why a Vineyard Experience is a great idea as a gift for anyone who wants to learn the truth about wine, including the complex combination of conditions it takes to grow the perfect vine, the qualities of different varieties of grapes and how they are combined to create the perfect blend for each type of wine.
It may come as a surprise to many that the UK has a thriving wine industry, and a vineyard tour and tasting experience is a great way to learn all about the commercial aspects of running a vineyard and of course the all important tasting of the finished product so that you can fully appreciate the work that has gone into creating the wines.

We also have wine tasting experiences which include lunch so that participants have plenty of time to immerse themselves in the vineyard’s atmosphere and history and include a complimentary bottle of wine to commemorate the occasion. So if you know someone who would appreciate the opportunity to learn about the winemaking process (or vinification to give it its proper name) then a Vineyard Tour and Tasting Experience for two is a great gift idea and gives them the opportunity to share the learning experience with a partner, friend or fellow wine enthusiast.

We have plenty of different experiences to suit any occasion, from Wine Tasting Workshops where anyone can learn the secrets of the wine expert by first learning how to smell wine, then taste and describe it before learning how to match wines with food and pick out the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Along with a Vineyard Tour and Tasting for Two, and our Vineyard Experience with Lunch for Two, our great selection of gift ideas for wine lovers has something for everyone.

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