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Monday, 19 April 2010

Learn the secret to looking great

Everyone knows someone who seems to look flawless all the time, and more often than not, they seem to do it effortlessly. Unless you have the good fortune to be followed around by a professional makeup artist, much of what you know about makeup comes from magazines, friends and other sources which aren’t specific to your look. This is where we can help, with a photo makeover and makeup lesson experience.
It’s all very well going to one of the professional makeup counters, but even in the biggest, most reputable department stores the makeup experts are trying to sell their products and the more the better – a lot of people have had the experience of coming away wearing so much makeup that they can barely see their skin underneath. But learning which colours suit you and how to apply them in a flattering way which won’t cake your face and will leave you looking and feeling incredible makes a photo makeover and makeup lesson a great experience and one which is perfect for anyone who needs a helping hand with their makeup.
During a photo makeover and makeup lesson experience you will have a full colour consultation where you’ll learn which colours suit your skin tone and how to apply them in a way that enhances your natural beauty and draws attention to your best features. You’ll learn priceless tips on how to apply makeup before having some professional pampering with professional hair styling and a hand beauty treatment to make sure you’re looking your best before enjoying a photo shoot. You’ll have a chance to view all the images before picking one to have printed to keep as a reminder of the day.
So if you know someone who would appreciate the chance to learn how to apply makeup properly, perhaps someone with a big event coming up who wants to look their best but could do with the confidence that comes with knowing exactly what suits them, then a photo makeover and make-up lesson is a great gift idea. Perhaps you have got a special occasion coming up that you want to be prepared for and would relish the opportunity to enjoy some pampering then a photo makeover and make up lesson could be just what you need.

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