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Friday, 9 April 2010

Helicopter flights – great gift ideas for high flyers

Anyone who grew up watching Airwolf will know that helicopters have near magical powers, with a manoeuvrability not seen in other aircraft as well as an apparently limitless capacity for participation in heroic acts. Despite all this, few people have actually seen one close up, let alone had a go in one and seen first hand how they seem to defy gravity with just their relatively tiny blades.
But there’s something incredible about the way that a helicopter moves, from vertical take offs to the ability to hover in the air like a giant beetle without losing control, and all this becomes apparent when you enjoy a helicopter flight experience. You’ll learn how incredibly clever it is to be able to achieve the in-air tricks that you can manage in a chopper and hence how vital it is to regulate the payload to give the pilot such control. You also have spectacular views across the UK countryside making a helicopter flying experience ideal for any photographer, from keen amateurs to more practiced veterans who are always hunting for a perfect shot or trying to capture an image of a familiar subject from a completely new perspective.
If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves aviation and has a fondness for incredible feats of engineering, then a helicopter gift experience is a great idea. We have a wide range of options, from a short helicopter buzz or ten minute helicopter flight experience to a helicopter flying lesson where you get a chance to take to the controls and see how these airborne marvels actually work.
Perhaps you know a couple who would appreciate a helicopter buzz for two where they can take to the skies together and share the views and the memories. Or maybe you know a young flying enthusiast who would appreciate a Junior helicopter flight experience, in which case we have plenty to inspire and impress any youngster who has an enquiring mind and would love the chance to have a go in one and see how they work. Whoever the person and whatever the occasion, be it a birthday present for your partner, an anniversary present for friends or a treat for yourself, a helicopter flying gift experience is an inspirational idea.

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