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Monday, 12 April 2010

Give someone the gift of self sufficiency

Summer is just around the corner and with such climatological diversity in the UK, it’s a perfect place to grow your own fruit and vegetables and enjoy not only the satisfaction of freshly picked produce but a little taste of self-sufficiency as well.
Getting your five a day can be difficult and expensive if you’re going to the shops, and if you are discerning about the quality and origins of your fresh fruit and vegetables, then it’s even more difficult to keep the intake up and the cost down. All of which makes it a ‘grow your own fruit and veg’ workshop a great gift idea.
There is a lot more to growing great food than you might think – it’s relatively easy to plant seeds or buy seedlings, but if you have long term plans to maintain a productive vegetable patch, or even want to convert your garden into a year-round source of food, then a little advice from a fruit and veg growing workshop will save you a lot of hard work and experimentation getting your planting started.
If you know someone who has a hankering to leave the rat race and live off the land like our ancestors used to do, then a workshop on how to grown your own fruit and vegetables is a great gift idea, and one which will keep on giving as they harvest their crops year after year. Perhaps you know someone with a huge garden who isn’t sure what to do with it and needs some inspiration as to how to make the most of their potential veg patch, making a ‘grow your own fruit and veg’ workshop a perfect present.
So whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who wants to save money, save the environment or just enjoy the sheer pleasure of eating freshly picked fruit and vegetables, a ‘grow your own fruit and veg’ workshop is a great idea. Perhaps you live with someone who needs a little encouragement to get out in the garden and take the first steps towards self-sufficiency then a ‘how to grow your own fruit and veg’ workshop could be just what you need to get them into the swing of things just in time for prime growing season. Whatever the occasion and whoever the recipient, a ‘grow your own fruit and veg’ workshop is a great gift for any budding gardener.

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