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Monday, 5 April 2010

Airliner Simulators – take off without leaving the ground

Airline simulators have an important role to play in the world of aviation, allowing pilots in training to practise the manoeuvres they will need in the air without the pressure of controlling an immense aircraft. But for anyone who’s not working towards a proper pilot’s license, an airliner flight simulator experience is just incredible fun.

It’s not at all like the flight simulation computer games which you can play at any amusement arcade – an airliner simulator experience takes place in one of these complex machines which are programmed to recreate the full experience of flying a real plane, only without leaving the ground. Even experienced users of flight simulators sometimes forget that they aren’t really cruising through the sky which is testament to the real-life nature of a flight simulation experience. Once you enter the flight simulator, you’ll be shown the controls and given a chance to familiarise yourself with what all the buttons, knobs and levers do before attempting a simulated flight.

Once you have worked out where everything is and what it does you get a chance to try a flight simulation, from takeoff to landing, and once you’re in ‘the zone’ you will really feel as though you’re in a real plane, unless you crash in which case you’ll be thrilled that you aren’t presented with a whopping bill for repairs.

So if you know someone who loves the idea of flying, but isn’t quite ready for the responsibility of a real plane, then a flight simulator experience is a great gift idea and one which will give a real taste of what flying a plane is like for those who do it every day. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to try your hand at the controls of a plane, in which case a flight simulator experience is a great way to dip your toe in the water before taking to the skies for real.

A flight simulator gift experience makes a quirky birthday present for someone with an appreciation of the work that goes into taking a plane up, not to mention bringing it down again safely, and a great gift idea for any other occasion, so why not take a look at the range of options available, from short 20 minute flights up to an hour in ‘the air’.

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