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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Aerobatics – the rush of a lifetime

Anyone who has ever been in a small plane knows that the excitement of being in the air is almost unsurpassable, unless that is you’re enjoying one of the most thrilling aerobatics experiences possible at the hands of an instructor who knows how to make a plane do all the things you’ve only ever seen at air shows and on the television.
Our ultimate aerobatics flight experience is one of the most exciting things you can possibly experience, from the walk round checks with the pilot to the G-force of travelling upside down in the air and performing breathtaking manoeuvres as though gravity doesn’t exist. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also get the chance to take the controls yourself, under the expert guidance of the pilot of course, and have a go at trying those manoeuvres yourself.
The plane is a Pitts Special, a plane specially designed for aerobatic flight and one which dominated the world of aerobatics for many years after its first flight in 1944. Because it was designed specifically to perform incredible in-air feats, it was popular in the early days of air shows and has become the standard to which all aerobatic planes are held. All this makes it a truly iconic airplane and one which has a pedigree which means it remains a firm favourite of aerobatic pilots to this day, and the perfect plane for our ultimate aerobatic flying gift experience.
All of this means that if you’re trying to find a perfect present for a real high flyer, someone who will definitely enjoy the excitement of twisting and turning through the skies and relish the opportunity to take the controls themselves, then an ultimate aerobatics flight experience is an ideal gift. Anyone who appreciates the white knuckle excitement of feeling G-force from within a cockpit will love the opportunity to experience it for themselves and an ultimate aerobatic flight is a great gift idea for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or even a retirement gift for someone who wants to spend their leisure time trying new things and pushing the boundaries of their experience. So whatever the occasion and whoever the person, our ultimate aerobatics flight is a great gift idea.

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