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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Spooky goings on - ghost hunting in the UK

Some people love to be scared and live for the thrill of horror movies and things that go bump in the night, so if you know someone who isn’t happy unless they’re on the edge of their seat, then a ghost hunting break could be the perfect present for them.

There are many spots in the UK where regularly reported sightings of ghosts are well-documented in local folklore and people have almost friendly relationships with the spectres and poltergeists that roam houses, pubs and old buildings. Reports of chills in the air, mysteriously moving objects and playful mischief on the part of unseen perpetrators aren’t that unusual and incidents involving unexplained phenomena have made believers out of even the most sceptical witnesses.

People have always been fascinated by what happens to us beyond the grave and the techniques have evolved over the years, so whilst you can still learn the traditional skills of dowsing, pendulum readings and using psychic powers to track down spectral beings, the new wave of ghost hunter also uses EMF meters, laser thermometers and infrared motion detectors to try to shed light on ghostly goings on and capture much sought-after evidence of paranormal activity.

Our ghost hunting trips will take you to places which have a history of unexplained activity, and you will be shown to the hottest spots in the hope of discovering something unusual happening and given the opportunity to try and track down a ghost for yourself using the techniques the experts use. You’ll be given a tour of the property by a medium to see what they can learn from the energy in the area and a local historian will tell you how close to the truth they are.

So if you know someone with an interest in paranormal goings on, who would love to track down a ghost of their own, get to the bottom of some spooky activity and learn tips and techniques on how to make contact with entities from beyond the grave, then a ghost hunting experience would make a great gift.

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