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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Silverstone - the home of the Grand Prix

There is no doubt that Silverstone has come a long way since its days as a WWII airfield – having played host to the grand prix since 1950, the circuit is now the home to some of the most exciting driving activities you can find in the UK.

You can start with a tour of Silverstone, which offers a unique chance for a behind the scenes peek at some of the most important spots in British motor racing. You can relive Lewis Hamilton’s epic 2008 victory on the podium, visit the workshop where top level mechanics put their expertise to good use and take a look at the spots which you usually only see on television. A tour of the Silverstone circuit gives any motor racing fan a chance to enjoy an in-depth look at the legendary circuit.

Or you might want to try something a little more hands-on – with a range of Silverstone driving experiences available, you are sure to find one to suit any fan. Perhaps you’re looking for an off-road adventure, in which case where better to test your nerve against rough terrain than at the ultimate race circuit? A Silverstone off-road experience is one which is sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little faster with roaring acceleration and squealing tyres? How about Ferrari driving at Silverstone, or perhaps you’d prefer a Lotus Exige driving experience? Both of these cars have reputations that precede them, and it’s not hard to see why when you look at their specs – the Ferrari has a 400bhp V8 engine which roars as you put it through its paces around the track, and the Lotus has a six-speed gear box which will give you as much power as you can handle as you tear around the circuit, potentially reaching speeds of up to 147 miles per hour.

For those who are really committed to speed we have single-seater driving at Silverstone, the closest thing to driving an F1 car with extra light design, acceleration that will knock your socks off and a driving position which will let you feel every single centimetre of the track.

As though that weren’t enough, there are other exciting driving experiences available at Silverstone, including a skid control course, where you can learn how to handle any kind of skid with ease, rallying on Silverstone’s purpose designed mixed rally stage and if you’re looking for a gift for the hardcore supercar fan, then the ultimate Silverstone driving challenge is a chance to do all of the above in one day.

So, whether you want to get behind the scenes or behind the wheel, there’s a Silverstone driving experience to suit any car fan and any budget.

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