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Monday, 22 March 2010

Jousting – a gift with a difference

Somewhere in our collective consciousness is an image of a joust, complete with a hero on a white charger, fighting for a righteous cause, a chance of life or the love of a worthy woman, and of course a villain riding a black horse and championing the worst in human nature. Fortunately, modern day jousting is a little less terrifying than it’s medieval counterpart, meaning a jousting activity gift is a chance to learn a fun new skill without fear of being dishonoured and forced to live in shame for the rest of your life. So, if you know someone who would appreciate the opportunity to prove their mettle in the arena without risking their life, a jousting experience could prove the perfect present.

Our version may not involve the full 60 pound suit of body armour, but you will have plenty of authentic medieval protection and given how cumbersome and unwieldy armour is (not to mention sweaty and with no room for adjusting undergarments), and because the whole event takes place on top of a moving animal, a little give in the attire is not unwelcome. Also gone are the days when you could expect to win a nubile spouse, so unfortunately the most you can expect to take home from this experience are some fantastic memories and a real sense of achievement although it’s possible that you will become inexplicably attractive to the opposite sex as well.

But the real thrill is re-enacting a sport which comes straight from the history books – forget the myth and legend, a jousting experience is a real-life chance to pit your wits against a masked opponent and see if you have what it takes to face down your foe and emerge victorious as a valiant champion, a hero and a defender of honour.

So if you know someone who could do with a little excitement in their life or needs something to revitalise their spirit, then a jousting gift experience could be a great idea – whether they would appreciate an opportunity to be honourable, enjoy a chance to show off their skills, or just enjoying trying something new and different, then a jousting gift would be just the thing to inspire someone to bring out their inner knight.

Or perhaps you are looking for a challenge and want to try something which you know none of your friends will already have a story about – there’s something satisfying about knowing you have done something completely different, and of course the tale of a jousting experience will fascinate and delight anyone who dreams of doing something new and exciting. There’s absolutely nothing predictable about jousting, so whether you’re looking for an unusual gift or a great opportunity to try something new, then a jousting activity could be just the thing.

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